Capitalizing on advance technology and sensible design approach, provides an opportunity to achieve comprehensive development for meeting the needs of the present as well as the future.

We understand a building’s position within the greater context and recognize its impact on its immediate surroundings and the environment as a whole. We continually work to be responsible stewards of our neighborhoods and our planet.

Using latest technology and the BIM platform, we conduct early analysis to understand, quantify and predict the project’s impact on our environment. By understanding these impacts, we explore multiple design strategies and options that best meet sustainability targets and desired solutions which will help reduce the overall life-cycle costs.

ArchWert’s sustainable design strategies address building forms, material selection, optimum building orientation to support daylight and natural ventilation, sun screening, thermal massing, green roofs, rain-water capturing & recycling, and preservation of natural resources & habitat.

Our Sustainable Design Services includes:

  • Energy Analysis and Impact
  • Sun + Shadow Analysis
  • Day Light Analysis
  • Wind Analysis for High-rise Structures
  • Assistance in Green Building Certification
  • Rain-Water Harvesting
  • Optimization of Earth Works

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