All good buildings have a personality of their own, that affect the emotions of its occupants; yet there is no standard formula to create them. It takes a holistic, humane and innovative design approach to meet the aspirations of past, present and future.

Modern day buildings are complex amalgamation of structures, systems and technology in an integrated, dynamic and functional manner. Today, with the advancement in technology and the green movement, a major shift is occurring in the way buildings are conceptualized or designed.

At ArchWert, we deliver futuristic building design for a vibrant human experience. Embodied in our design process is extensive research, investigation and the scientific resolution to create bold, beautiful, efficient and intelligent architectural representations. We are committed to sustainable and environmentally sensitive spaces and have the expertise needed to audit systems for all appropriate compliance, codes, and requirements.

Globally, we have established an exemplary track record in the design and delivery of projects of varying scale and complexity. We specialize in diverse sectors such as; High-rise Structures, Mixed-use Development, Educational Facilities, Hospitals & Medical Research Facilities, Residential, Industrial and Corporate Offices.

Our services include:

  • Conceptual and Schematic Design
  • Detail Design and Tender Documentation
  • Construction Documentation & Administration
  • Interior Design for Public and Common Spaces
  • Sustainable/Green Building Solutions
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Featured Projects

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