The success of any educational building will eventually be measured by the way it enhances the learning practices of the institution and the potential of those who use it.

Designing safe and inspirational spaces that successfully enhance educational, social and athletic development, while incorporating futuristic learning environments for an advanced learning experience, is our primary goal at ArchWert. We believe in promoting next generation learning by designing spaces that create & support a vibrant and enriching campus experience, conducive to multiple or specific programs.

From campus masterplans to individual academic & research buildings, recreation & wellness facilities and landscape/infrastructure design, we provide a range of services that support innovation in learning and teaching. Our integrated approach places the user at the heart of the design process to create the very best learning and research environments that inspire and engage the people who use them.

Our experience of working with contractors/constructors to deliver fast track projects is evident from the Universal College Campus at Mumbai, where we delivered designs for the construction phase of an 80,000 sq.ft. premises, within a very short schedule.

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